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jpcanes 09-21-2011 02:19 PM

The LRG Turns 5 Today!!
Ok, where did the last 5 years go?? :eek:

Wanted to take a moment and thank all LRG members for their continuing support of Leah.

I'd also like to acknowledge not only LRG members, but all the people who tweeted, facebooked, wrote articles, sent emails, made calls, etc... trying to keep Leah & Holly on 'The Talk'. I know there were many sleepless (or near sleepless) nights for many people waging a noble campaign for these two wonderful ladies!
Huge props to you all!! :props:

To Leah and Holly:
The support and love will continue for both of you.
You gave us all so much in just one short year, and for that, WE thank YOU!!! :heart:

Excited to see what the future holds and all my best to you both!

I still think a podcast is a great idea for you guys. ;)
Finding time to do it could be a little rough, I know.

Much love always,

-J.P.- (Very Proud) Admin - LRG Forum

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