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Default Nicole Sullivan to Star in Nick at Nite Comedy 'Wendell and Vinnie'

Nicole Sullivan is returning to tv in a new Nick at Nite comedy called Wendell and Vinnie.
Looks to be in 2013 sometime.

Wendell and Vinnie (Nick at Nite series): iCarly’s Jerry Trainor stars as Vinnie, a lovable goofball uncle who becomes the guardian to his buttoned-up 12-year-old nephew Wendell (Buddy Handleson, Shake It Up). Nicole Sullivan (The King of Queens, The Penguins of Madagascar) also stars as Vinnie’s high-strung older sister Wilma. The comedy series, greenlighted for 20 episodes, was written by Jay Kogen (Frasier, George Lopez) and will be executive produced by Aaron Kaplan (GCB, Terra Nova).
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