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First of all, prayers to Mike and his family.
I know all too well what that kind of loss feels like.

To Leah,
My "Boss", my friend, best actress, funniest lady, and deeply caring person:

I haven't been "in the loop" as much as I normally am.
Know that your tweets and messages have been a great comfort to me these last many weeks.

Most of the LRG has now taken to Twitter and/or Facebook to communicate with you and each other.
I'm fine with that.
Forums aren't what they once were.
That being said, as long as I'm here and functioning, this place will remain.

LRG was started with the intention of bringing your fans together. Mission accomplished!
And you have given back to us and for that I thank YOU!

If nothing else, I feel the forum and the main site is a wonderful archive of your career.
And we have all had some WONDERFUL times together here!

So looking forward to your next project!
LRG will be here (and hopefully there) with great support and love!

Have a GREAT and HAPPY Thanksgiving, my friend!!
Enjoy time with family and friends!

Love and squishes,
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