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Submit Now

It's time for round three and we have two Topics for you to write and read about:

Blended Families: Step Carefully...
Good Night, Yeah Right: Getting Your Kid to Bed

Read the full topics in the sidebar on the site, then go get a cup of coffee and let the ideas percolate. Enter your story by clicking Write in the upper corner then check out the competition and cast your votes!

Submissions close Saturday at 11:59pm PT. So, forget the dirty dishes and the unmade beds, you've got a story to write.


Meltdowns and Mother-in-Laws

A two-year old screams through a five-hour airplane flight, a mother-in-law suggests leaving the baby outside over night, and then there's the department store dash dressed in a too-small swimsuit designed not to fit.

Cheer, laugh (and maybe cry) for this week's three winners:

Meltdown Moments Jen (alias jenjen414) from California with Red Eyes... Non-Stop... From Los Angeles to New York

Unsolicited Mother-in-Law Advice Karen (alias alaham) from Alabama takes it with I'm a New Mom and You Think I Should DO WHAT?!

Watch for Jen and Karen's stories to be incorporated into an upcoming webisode of In the MotherHood, airing right here!

Voter's Choice Marion (alias pinky72) from New Jersey wins it with Bathing Suit Shopping is Just not Bad enough!

DON'T MISS Lainie Kazan starring with Leah Remini as "Mom" in the webisode you helped write! Only In the MotherHood.

They sent me an email, just thought id share
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