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Originally Posted by Irene3
We have to realize how blessed and lucky we were to have met Leah. There are some members here who did not have that opportunity. So for those of us who did, we have the memories, pics and videos. I mentioned this on another thread but let me say it here: Leah talked to us at lunch about how traveling and vacations are the best gifts to receive because of the memories you will cherish. You won't remember down the road some gift you received at Christmas or on your birthday, but you do remember details of a great time you had in your life. And she is right. I love to think back to that lunch with Ryan and Mike and of course Leah and laugh at the great time we had. Leah left me with such great memories and some pretty damn good advice on many topics. I will never forget seeing her filming her tv pilot back in April. That was my first real meeting with Leah. I pray to God I never get Alzheimer's disease (senility) because I want to remember those days with Leah FOREVER!!!!!

My vacation this past month started on such a high note when we met with Leah. Of course I had that moment during my vacation when we experienced a sudden loss of a loved one. As sad as I was, I would try and remember the moments with my sister-in-law. Not grieve over her untimely death but think of the happy moments. As our vacation was coming to an end and we returned to Las Vegas to finish our vacation, I was able to smile and be happy because as Leah said, "Memories you will cherish forever." I am sure if Leah knew the losses some of us had experienced recently, she'd be the first to tell us how sorry she is but she would also tell us to remember our loved ones and the happy times.
Very well said Irene Have a good weekend Mammas
Lucia From Jersey
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