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Originally Posted by Ryan-Stall
RAW was funny as hell last night. He actually did a really good job, He was definitely the best guest host so far. Well he did have some Barker's beauties with him but he used the WWE Divas instead of the ones he had on The Price is right. At the start of the show was just like The Price is right, the announcer made a special entrance for him, and even played a few pricing games having wrestlers at contestants row bidding on Wrestling merchandise. I found a clip on youtube of the first segment of RAW. Check it out below loool
I told Raymond, "Call me when it starts!" It was hilarious! Bob did a great job. It was so funny hearing the Price is Right theme song being played on WWE.

Leah's comment to me: Irene ~ "Hey honey… I wish I would have known you were coming… sorry about that. You weren’t in my face baby doll. You were being gracious. Thank you for being there"

Leah's comment to me on her blog: Irene~ "Thank you so much! I laughed out loud when you said 'Long time fan, first time commenting'. Thank you for that."
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