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jpcanes 11-22-2011 07:38 PM

Message From Leah (11-22-11)
Hey guys,

I don't want you to ever think that I have forgotten about you because I haven't.

JP, you gave me a forum to speak to you all directly when there wasn't such a thing called Twitter. Now, some of us talk everyday.
But, as I reflect and give Thanks, I want to thank you for caring to keep this up. I thank YOU. And I thank you ALL who continue to keep the love for King Of Queens alive.
The show is going strong on TV Land!

I wanted to send a special shout out to Mike.. His mother recently passed and I wanted to send him my love and deepest of sympathies. Let's all keep him and his wife in our prayers.

JP- I know this must be tough for you and know that we all have you in our prayers during this very difficult time.

I wish for you all to have a Thankful Thanksgiving.



jpcanes 11-22-2011 08:25 PM

First of all, prayers to Mike and his family.
I know all too well what that kind of loss feels like.

To Leah,
My "Boss", my friend, best actress, funniest lady, and deeply caring person:

I haven't been "in the loop" as much as I normally am.
Know that your tweets and messages have been a great comfort to me these last many weeks.

Most of the LRG has now taken to Twitter and/or Facebook to communicate with you and each other.
I'm fine with that.
Forums aren't what they once were.
That being said, as long as I'm here and functioning, this place will remain.

LRG was started with the intention of bringing your fans together. Mission accomplished! :)
And you have given back to us and for that I thank YOU! ;)

If nothing else, I feel the forum and the main site is a wonderful archive of your career.
And we have all had some WONDERFUL times together here!

So looking forward to your next project!
LRG will be here (and hopefully there) with great support and love!

Have a GREAT and HAPPY Thanksgiving, my friend!!
Enjoy time with family and friends!

Love and squishes,

LisaFromWI 11-22-2011 10:30 PM

I'm so sorry to hear of Mike's loss :(. He is in my thoughts and prayers as he goes through this extremely difficult time.

J.P., you continue to be in my thoughts as well. I hope you are healing a little more each day.

I know things have pretty much come to a halt on here, but I continue to check the forum every single day. I had many fun times on the forum, and I shared so many laughs with my friends. I know everyone is busy these days, but I hope we can all keep in touch. I love you guys like family, and I'm so happy to have met some of you in person :heart:.

Leah, you know I love you to death! I'm so thankful to be able to call you my friend. Even though I'm not the most outgoing person on Twitter, I'm grateful that I'm able to keep in touch with you on there every once in a while. Thank you so much for making yourself accessible to us. I know it's a big time commitment on your part. Please know that it's greatly appreciated! I will continue to follow you wherever your career takes you. I'm so proud of what you've accomplished so far, and I know there are bigger things to come for you. I can't wait to experience those things with you :).

Much love,

luciay 11-23-2011 11:20 AM

Hi Everyone
Have'nt been on in awhile but I want to start by saying Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!!

Leah, Thank you for being the person you are... I am very thankful for all you have done for me and so happy we have become friends :)
If it wasnt for this site JP none of us would of be speaking to Leah or even of met her so my hats off to you Thank You for LRG!

Also Mike I am deeply sorry about you loss I know your Mom is watching down on you my thoughts & prayers are with you & also to you JP loosing a Mother is the hardest thing in the world you never forget just remember all the memories the two of you have ;)

Leah you have inspired all of us to be better people and to be thankful for what we have, you also tell us not to forget the people who need help and to share. You are a role model for everyone to follow... Leah I really honestly Love you as a friend and respect all you do, I know this past few months have been crazy & upsetting but you dont need The Talk you are definitly goin to do bigger & better and your fans are all here to support you.
I just want to say Thank You for LA for everything you've done & I hope soon we will be back to visit you by then maybe you will be back on TV for all to see.
God Bless and Happy Thanksgiving! And give your family my love

Love Always Lucia :loveya:

velardechile 12-05-2011 04:12 PM

Timmy Here!
I miss the "after eleven" talks we used to have here on the LRG! LOL

I am sorry to hear about MIke and his situation...You are in my prayers.
JP! You too my friend! I will give you a txt once I get off this site.

Hope everyone has a great Holiday Season!
I will be in California the begining of the year! Gonna take the familia to Disneyland. Leah....I need some planning help! give me a shout out! lol

Peace y'all
The Chile Man! aka The Chilly Man!

luciay 12-10-2012 01:09 PM

Hi everyoneI'm not sure of mikes situation is all ok? Yes Tim I miss the long talks too I came on today cause I got a Happy Birtjday from LRG lol! Thanks JP! Miss everyone!

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